Ways to make money from selling art

8 Ways to profit from Selling Art

Produce a series of prints based on oil paintings of popular scenic tourist areas.
Sell through shops located in these areas on consignment, framing each batch of prints as further orders are taken. If you`re artistic, do the paintings yourself. If not, consider commissioning a good landscape artist to do the work for you, or pay them a royalty fee for each print you sell.

Draw cartoons for profit.
Send your designs to art agencies and greeting card manufacturers who accept cartoon illustrations. (refer to your local library for books which list the names and addresses of firms who do this) Alternatively, send copies of your work to publishing houses who publish magazines appropriate to the subject matter of your designs.

Specialise in sketching stylish ink drawings of private residences.
Canvas up-market areas with a couple of pre-drawn, framed samples, in different sizes and prices. This will allow potential customers a choice in what they would like to pay. The easiest way to proceed would be to first take a good clear photograph of each building, and then sketch and frame each one in the comfort of your own home. When finished, notify each customer and arrange for delivery and payment.

Explore the art of glass painting.
Yes, you can still buy specially formulated paint to use on glass, which gives you the freedom to produce any amount of different designs. First you should plan your designs on acetate using a permanent marker pen. The design is then attached to the other side of the glass, i.e. window/door etc., which allows you to paint your design on the opposite side. Promote your business to householders as a specialised custom design service, with every design being different. Alternatively, you could produce a range of designs which could be printed on to clear sheets of acetate, and sell them to customers in kit form, including the paint, as a `do-it-yourself` craft product.

Paint or illustrate industrial landscapes.
Specialise in one particular medium such as charcoal, pen and ink or oil colours. Organise an exhibition and sell your work direct, or sell through selected art galleries on a commission basis.

Sketch artists! Draw quick sketches of people, or funny caricatures.
You could easily set up a profitable business, working on the street at popular seaside resorts, or even in busy shopping centres. You may need a license for this however. All you need to get started though, is an easel, a supply of pencils and paper, and a chair for people to sit on. Apart from this, it`s just a question of talent. A fast turnaround at reasonable prices will ensure good profits.

If figure painting is your forte, consider running an evening class in figure painting.
Nude painting is always popular. But all types of figure drawing are an option. If you can teach others how to draw and paint, or help them with their technique, then you can offer a worthwhile service. Contact your local colleges and community training centres to see what arrangements can be made.

Offer a personalised portrait sketching service.
This would involve drawing pencil sketches from photographs of people or pets. Working from a photograph is generally easier, quicker and more convenient than drawing from a live model. Taking the photographs yourself would enable you to get a suitable pose and a good enough photograph to work from. Finished sketches can be framed, mounted and individually signed by the artist. If you`re a good artist you can do all the work yourself, if not, employ a talented art student to do the sketches for you.