Teaching for profit

21 Ideas for Teaching as a business

Start an evening class teaching basic computer skills.
This might include an introduction to various aspects of the Windows operating system, plus how to use a web browser to surf the internet, and how to use an email program.

Start a self-defence class specialising in martial arts.
Find suitable premises to hold the classes. If you don`t have the necessary qualifications advertise for qualified experts to teach for you. Pay them a set fee or a percentage of the profits. Advertise the classes in the local newspaper, shop windows and community notice boards.

Start your own school for dancing.
If you have the experience and patience to teach children, or adults, then why not put your skills to good use by offering dancing classes part-time? Whether it`s tap, ballet or ballroom dancing, there will always be a number of people who will want to learn. Particularly young children who are often encouraged by their parents. Finding suitable premises is the main hurdle. Once a location is found advertise your classes in the local press.

Set up and run a course in typing and word processing.
Many people, though capable of typing with two fingers, have never mastered the keyboard efficiently. Anyone wishing to learn how to use a computer or portable electronic typewriter for word processing, might also find it useful to learn how to type properly. A course, running along these lines, in your local community could very easily prove popular enough to provide you with a worthwhile second income if you have the skills in this area of expertise.

Start and run weekend courses in landscape painting or photography.
If you`re a creative type with a good knowledge of painting or photographic techniques, then why not set up a course teaching other people how to paint or photograph landscapes like an expert. The course could include an occasional trip to areas of natural beauty to gain practical experience, as well as classroom theory. There are lots of people looking for ways to spend their leisure time, and painting and photography are two of the most popular subjects for newcomers seeking to improve or take up a new hobby.

Teach the English language.
This would be aimed at foreign students and residents who want to improve their English and writing skills. This can be done on a personal one-to-one basis in the person`s own home, or with a group of people at an evening class. This would make a good part-time opportunity for a qualified teacher to supplement their income.

Teach a foreign language.
A foreign resident who speaks good English should have no difficulty in finding students who wish to learn their language through personal tuition. French, German, Spanish and Italian are probably the most popular choices. But other languages are also in demand. Advertise your service in the local and regional press.

Set up a business for teaching windsurfing in a popular seaside or lakeside tourist area.
This is definitely one for the expert. If you`re a skilful wind surfer, with access to additional equipment other than your own, this idea could become a good way to supplement your income, or at the very least, pay for your own equipment. In the summer season you should find your services in great demand, if you pick a good location. You will obviously need somewhere secure to keep your equipment safe and locked up while teaching. However, if you get a lot of people wanting to book lessons, you will need to pay someone to take bookings and look after your base of operation. Advertising can be as simple as a well placed sign outside your business premises. Small posters in local shop windows can also prove useful.

Teach people how to sail.
Here is another popular activity that holidaymakers like to participate in at seaside and lakeside resorts. A similar operation to the one previously described for windsurfing could be set up, only this time your teaching skills would be based on your expert knowledge of handling small sailing craft. Apart from the obvious requirement of having a place to keep your boats, make sure that you have the correct insurance to cover all eventualities.

Start a business teaching people how to play the guitar.
A good guitarist with patience and a sound knowledge of music composition can make a good income from teaching others how to play the guitar. Here is a business that can be set up in any medium-sized town or city. Working from home, with hardly any overheads to speak of, your business can be built up to a level where you can teach part-time or full-time, whichever you prefer. Start by advertising in the local press. Hand out a few business cards, and if you`re good, business will soon build up through word-of-mouth.

Teach people to play the piano.
Another opportunity for the musical expert. Piano lessons are even more popular than they use to be because of the huge amount of electronic keyboards and synthesisers now on the market. Even though computers have made it easier for the amateur musician to create their own music, there is no substitute for proper music tuition. For anyone serious about learning to play music, piano tuition and guitar tuition are two of the most popular options. A talented music teacher could either teach one or the other, or could offer lessons in both if they have the necessary skills.

Become a driving instructor and teach people how to drive.
Here is a business where there is always a demand. If you have at least four years driving experience on a full clean driving license and are over twenty one years of age, the opportunity to become a driving instructor is available through a number of training centres, but at a price. Unless you know a qualified Approved Driving Instructor who is willing to train you for a reasonable fee, then you will have to choose one of the more expensive established training centres to receive proper training. This is the best way to have a good chance to pass the required tests to qualify as an A.D.I. Once qualified however, you can either set up your own driving school, work for someone else, or become a franchisee with one of the national driving schools such as B.S.M. or the A.A. driving school.

Teach flower arranging at evening class or through private tuition.
Flower arranging has become a very popular pastime for many ladies and pensioners seeking a way to fulfil their creative desires in a way that proves useful as well as enjoyable. A skillful flower arranger can make money from teaching others how to do it. Here is a service that not only satisfies your pupils desires, but also offers a way to bring like-minded people together in a satisfying social environment.

Start a class for dog training. Are you good with dogs?
Do you have expert knowledge? If so, this is a great way to make an extra income. You`ll need to hire a hall large enough to take at least fifteen to twenty people and their dogs, and with plenty of extra space to provide the training exercises required. The expense of hiring a hall should be relatively small when compared with the money you make from each person who enrols. Classes are generally organised to run once or twice a week, depending on how popular they become. When ready to start, advertise regularly in your local and regional newspapers.

Set up a business that runs weekend courses for d.i.y. enthusiasts.
These might include short intensive courses in bricklaying, basic plumbing, woodworking projects and painting and decorating techniques. Find suitable premises and hire expert instructors where needed. Advertise the courses in D.i.y. magazines and arrange overnight accomodation for people who travel long distance. Adjust course fees to suit individual requirements.

Start your own yoga class.
For yoga experts only. However, everyone has to start somewhere, and yoga, like any other skill, can be learned through attending classes, practice and study. Learn as much as you can, and you too could soon be a yoga expert with pupils of your own.

Become a sports instructor.
If you`re a keen sportsmen with skills or qualifications in any particular area, you should seriously consider teaching others how to improve their game. A good instructor can easily make a good part-time income from teaching one of the following sports: Golf, tennis, swimming, football, rugby, athletics, gymnastics etc. If you`re suitably qualified, approach your local sports club to see if any vacancies are available, or set up your own class by hiring suitable facilities and charging for personal tuition.

Become an aerobics instructor.
Here again, someone with suitable qualifications can start their own part-time classes teaching aerobics on a regular basis. Aerobics is one of the more popular activities used to help people get fit. Classes of twenty people or more are not unusual. Advertise your courses in the local press and sports centres.

Teach a professional skill such as bricklaying, carpentry or painting and decorating.
Many colleges of further education use people with experience in these fields of work to teach their part-time evening class pupils these skills. If you`re suitably qualified, you may just fit the bill. Contact your local college to find out their requirements. Some colleges also have a number of courses in other areas such as computer programming, word processing, catering, commercial art and design etc., which, if you have the work experience, may suit you better.

Teach people how to ride a motorcycle.
If you`re keen on motorbikes with a few years experience, why not train to become an instructor? You can run your own school part-time or full-time, whichever suits you best. There`s always plenty of riders willing to take a course of lessons, tailored to help them pass the motorcycle test.

Teach people the art of watercolour painting.
If you can paint watercolours and have a good knowledge of watercolour techniques then consider passing on your knowledge to others. Many people, particularly retired people take up watercolour painting as a relaxing hobby. You could open your own small private school of art, or teach a part-time day or evening class in your spare time. Check what training facilities are available for residents in your area, and offer your services to start and run a course on how to paint in this popular medium.