Students ‘Make Money’ ideas

Are you a student looking for some way to make extra money in your spare time?

Or perhaps you even have some ambitions for starting your own business but still struggling with coming up with a good idea.

You can find lots of suggestions on this website and the 'Save The Student' website also has some useful ideas too. Some are good, some not so good, but it really depends on your skills and whether you have an interest and an aptitude for the requirements involved.

Their 'make money' article also provides some good advice on the things you should consider before taking on a job or starting a business of your own.

Here are some of the things it mentions...

1. First, do some research to find out what people in your local area need or want. Can this be scaled up if you want it to?

2. Ask yourself what you are really good at or love doing that could be turned into a profitable idea.

3. Could you provide a service or produce a product that would make life easier for other people? Can you make it better or provide it cheaper than a product or service that already exists?

4. Check whether you need a license or qualification to get started.

5. Don't do anything illegal or compromise on safety.

6. Check any rules your that your uni/insurance provider might have about running a business.

7. Make sure you get all the facts about any tax rules and regulations that may affect you.

For more advice you can read the full article at the Save the Student website.