Start an internet based business

12 Ways to Make Money with an Online Business

Design a website that appeals to a large identifiable group of people.
One of the main strengths of an ecommerce website is the potential to achieve a high level of sales without the need for a bricks and mortar business. Or as an added revenue stream to an existing offline business. An internet based shop has the potential to reach a worldwide audience, and is always open for business. However, any site that can attract a lot of visitors can also attract high advertising fees by helping promote other businesses. Your site doesn`t necessarily need to sell anything to make money on the internet. Providing your site is popular, you have the chance to make it pay through affiliation with other ecommerce based sites.

Publish an online newsletter for specialised information.
Sell by annual subscription, thousands of copies can be sent online with practically zero cost. Use the services of a mailing list manager such as Useful articles and other specialised information could be sent monthly to subscribers. The more valuable the information you supply, the higher the fee you can charge for subscription.

Set up your own internet store without having to stock your own products
It’s never been easier! You can have your own eCommerce online store stocked with high quality products and equipped with credit card processing, order fulfillment and customer service by joining one of the reputable network marketing companies that provide their representatives with their own ecommerce website. Click here to find one that I personally recommend. It’s products are tailored towards the health food supplement market, something that many people are happy to spend their money on, which is why companies like Holland & Barrett have become so successful.

Start an online business selling specialised products
You’re far more likely to succeed selling products online if you deal in a specialised market. For example, items such as custom-made jewellery, pet products, motor sport videos, telescopes, rare coins and a myriad of other niche markets could be sold from a website that targets pople interested in these things. You could also provide a regular newsletter and special offers to keep prospective buyers up to date with news of new items being made available.

Buy and sell internet domain names.
Domain names have become very affordable and in some cases a valuable commodity in which to trade and sell. However, it is generally known that most of the best names have already been taken, but many more are still available and quite a large number which have already been registered, come back into the public domain, as previous owners fail to re-register them. The internet is obviously the ideal place in which to trade. Most domain names up for sale are available through online auctions. Check out and specialised websites such as To find out what domain names are currently available to register go to

Sell ebooks with resale rights
Creating your own ebooks can be very rewarding but also time consuming. Getting resell and reprint rights to existing tried and tested information products is a quick and easy alternative. Once purchased you can resell them for 100% profit. Do a search on Google for ‘resell rights’

Design greetings cards to sell online.
If you’re artistic designing a range of greeting cards you can sell online could easily produce a useful source of income. Using a PC and a good quality printer, a variety of designs could be produced based around popular themes. You could also offer a personalised design service. Each design could be adapted to use the name of the buyer. See also the design and print section for more ideas.

Sell your products on eBay or Amazon Marketplace.
Almost anything can be sold on eBay and there’s plenty of scope to sell on Amazon too. For example, books, videos, software, collectibles, toys, craftwork, prints, posters, paintings, the list is endless. New or old, if you have something you would like to sell, or an idea for starting your own mail order business working from home, eBay and Amazon provide the perfect solution to test out selling stuff online. It’s free to join ebay and you can register at their website. Click here for ebay UK or click here for Amazon to find out more.

Got a website? Become an affiliate and earn commissions.
Join an affiliate program to promote the products and services of established merchants on your website. You do this by adding their advertising banners and text links to your site. A personal recommendation usually works the best. You can earn commissions ranging from 3% up to a massive 50% depending on which affiliate scheme you join. Click here to learn more about affiliate marketing.

Success from mom and pop websites.
The interent provides the ideal opportunity to enable people to work from home. There are already thousands of people making a living from their online businesses. All you need is one good idea that is suitable for promoting on the net. You can find out how others have achieved success and are making big incomes online by clicking here

Start your own internet based membership site
Some of the largest content rich sites found on the internet today now offer both free and paid membership areas for the content they provide because specialised content is a hot item on the Internet today. It’s also been predicted that it will continue to grow in popularity. A ‘paid membership’ site can reap big rewards to those who can provide specialised content. You can learn more about this growing trend by clicking here

Buying and selling through online auctions
A net auction business is a low-cost and low-risk way to dip your toes into the online world of e-commerce. Doing business with people through a net auction enables you to reach an easily identified target market. People who are interested the items you deal in might also be interested in the same hobby, subject or collectible items that you are which can make it a rewarding and enjoble business to be in. You can learn more about making your net auction sell with the free ebook ‘Make your net auction sell’