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Buy and rent out holiday caravans.
If you have some money to invest, here is a way you could see good returns on your investment. Thousands of people each year book holidays in caravans. It makes a cheaper alternative for families who can`t afford to go abroad with their children, and for elderly couples who like a quieter holiday near the sea or countryside. There are always well furnished caravans for sale on established popular sites, which is ideal if you want to make them pay. A site fee will need to be paid, which is usually quite reasonable, considering the profit you should make on hiring the caravan out. Always check the costs involved however, and weigh up the likely profits you could make, through the busy and quiet seasons.

Buy and renovate old country cottages in need of repair.
On completion, rent them out during the holiday season. Obviously, a fairly large investment is involved in starting and running this kind of business. But property rarely drops in value, providing it`s maintained in a good state of repair. Property auctions are a good place to look for likely bargains, but bear in mind that the type of property you`re looking for needs to be in a suitable location and large enough to accommodate at least five or six people. This will allow you to get the best deal when hiring out.

Start your own mobile welding service.
If you have any experience using industrial welding equipment, you should find a reasonable demand for your services. Particularly where motorists are concerned. There are always a fair number of people who need welding repairs carried out on their car or van to get it through the m.o.t. With suitable portable equipment and a large enough van to contain it, this is a business which has no shortage of customers for those with the necessary skills.

Set up and run a contract painting company.
Commercial and industrial premises, more so than private households, need regular maintenance and cleaning. As a contract painter your goal would be to gain work through contracts for keeping business premises, including shops, industrial units and warehouses, regularly spruced up by painting them when required. This will likely involve interior as well as exterior painting, possibly using special paints in some cases, such as vandal-proof and slip-free paints for floors. Supplies are readily obtainable from trade outlets. All you need is suitable scaffolding platforms, the right type of brushes and spray equipment, plus a good head for heights.

Service and repair gardening equipment.
Mowers, rotavators and hedge trimmers occasionally need replacement parts and their blades often need sharpening, as well as other handheld implements such as garden shears and edging shears. If this sounds like a service you could provide, all you need to get started are a few basic tools plus a grinder for sharpening. Either work from home or a small business unit, using advertising to attract customers, or start a mobile service with a small van, canvassing homes with gardens.

Buy and sell pop and rock music memorabilia.
Any type of music collectors` items, including records, signed autographs, concert posters etc., that might prove popular through mail order advertising. Specialise in the nostalgia periods of the 50`s, 60`s and 70`s for best results. Advertise in music magazines, ebay and via your own website.

Supply and fit car alarms and car audio equipment.
If you have a good knowledge of car electrics, this could be a good way to make money and work for yourself. Find a reputable supplier of car alarms and in-car entertainment systems and advertise your services in the local press. A mobile service would be the easiest way to start, perhaps with the aim of eventually opening your own specialist shop.

Supply and fit outdoor garden lighting systems.
In fact anything that`s electrically powered in the garden such as fountains and miniature water falls which require electrical pumps, could be supplied and fitted by you, if you have some experience in electrical wiring. Most people would prefer an expert to fit these type of features in their garden. Your service might also include simple landscaping features, such as rockeries and ponds, that can be incorporated as a special feature of your lighting and water systems. Find out which firms can supply you with the basic equipment and materials. Compile your own catalogue or leaflet and price list, and advertise your business in the local press, the Yellow Pages and through door-to-door leaflet drops.

Start your own fence erection business.
Wood fencing doesn`t last forever. It often gets damaged in strong winds, or simply rots away. People with garden fences occasionally need to have them replaced, and new fences are sometimes being put up for the first time. If you have some basic knowledge or experience of erecting posts and sections of lap fencing then all you need to get started in business is a reliable supplier with whom you can set up a trade account. Advertise your service in the local and regional newspapers.

Buy and sell old record collections.
Trade in various collections of music including rock, pop, jazz, classical, rythm and blues etc. There`s still a demand by collectors for old LPs and singles, particularly original recordings, plus various audio tapes and cd`s. Advertise in the Exchange & Mart and selected music magazines. Also trade at car boot sales and collectors fairs.

Supply and fit telephone extension leads and sockets.
This would be a simple service offering people a way to add an additional phone to their existing phone line. For example, an extra phone in the bedroom or study. You might also consider supplying new phones of various types to expand your business. Canvas door-to-door and advertise in the local press.

Buy and sell reproduction furniture.
You`ll need a large van and plenty of storage space, but there`s a good demand for this type of used furniture. Whether it`s a sideboard, a TV or hi-fi cabinet, bookshelves or a set of dining room table and chairs, good profits can be made if you buy and sell wisely. Keep a lookout for bargains in the classified ad sections of the free papers and local newspapers. Place your own items wanted ads in regional papers and sell locally. Build up your knowledge of antique furniture, as this can also be a lucrative field. Attend auctions until you become familiar with prices. Eventually, you might like to consider opening a shop if your business brings in a steady income.

Buy and sell musical instruments.
There`s a whole wide range of instruments you can deal in. The most popular being guitars and keyboards. You can start by buying and selling secondhand until you establish yourself as a reputable dealer. An alternative route, if you would like to specialise and run a small business fom home, is to import folk instruments from other countries and sell by mail order. Advertise your stock in selected music magazines and local newspapers.

Purchase a badge machine and make badges for clubs.
Badges are ideal for fundraising, promotions and special events. Badge machines are relatively cheap to buy. Firms who supply them can usually supply the blank badges and designs you require as well. Check out the business opportunity magazines where these firms normally advertise.

Supply and fit custom car products.
If you`re mad about cars, this could be a very interesting venture. Lot`s of drivers, especially young males, love to give their cars some individuality. The supply and fitting of car body kits, custom graphics, big bore silencers, alloy wheels and wide tyres could be right up your street. Ideally, a small shop would be a good place to base your business, but you could start building up business through word-of-mouth until established.

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