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Buy and sell secondhand photographic equipment.
Either set up a shop or sell via the internet. Used equipment can be advertised as wanted through classified advertising or bought from auction. Check the online auctions also. Research the going rates for particular models and try to buy lower. Keep in mind that some equipment may be collectors` items. You could also sell goods on commission. Advertise in photography magazines and local press.

Start a party plan business specialising in sexy lingerie.
Ideal for the ladies, this business can be very profitable and fun to run. Send for a number of catalogues and price lists from varoius suppliers to compare products and prices. Compile a list of the best items and purchase a small stock of each one, using one of each for demonstration purposes. Hand out brochures and order forms at the party and use an attractive friend to demonstrate the goods.

Party plan sales are also ideal for selling a range of products such as perfumes, cosmetics, jewellery and gift items.
Good organisational skills and a good sense of humour go a long way to making this type of business a success. Apart from these basic qualities, all you need is a good selection of products to sell at the right price. Check the trade directories and `trader` magazine for sources of supply. Read article: Party Plan Sales Programs

Specialise in fitting close-circuit security cameras in private homes and commercial outlets.
Security cameras are everywhere these days, but there`s still a lot of businesses who don`t have them yet. Plus, the market for home security is huge. Now that video cameras are much more compact and easily fitted, while crime and vandalism continues unabated, there`s great potential for an energetic person to make this business an instant hit. For equipment, check the exchange & Mart and trade magazines.

Start a walk-in solarium business.
As an alternative to buying or hiring a sunbed, which takes up a lot of space in the home, a service like this is ideal for everyone seeking a golden tan in double quick time. A capital investment is required for equipment and premises to run the business. The environment should be clean and modern with suitable changing room facilities. Advertise your service in the local press.

Buy and sell keep-fit equipment in good condition.
Many people often buy equipment such as exercise bikes, rowing machines, multi-gyms etc., while going through a phase of trying to get fit and healthy. Although some take the alternative route of joining a health club, there are still people who prefer to work out in the privacy of their own homes. If you cater for the latter, you could sell or hire out good quality used equipment at an easily affordable price. This is a business best operated in highly populated areas.

Start a home security firm.
This would involve keeping watch on houses and commercial premises on housing estates. An ideal business to run in areas where crime and vandalism are a common problem. For a small monthly fee, individual residents and shop owners would pay you for regularly driving around the area, keeping an eye on their property while they are at work or away in the evenings. As your client list grows so do your profits, while the relatively small overheads involved will diminish. Basically, all you need to get started is a small car or van with security signs printed on, a base to work from, a mobile radio and phone, and a suitable security guard outfit. As the business grows, extra staff can be taken on as required. Obtain work by canvassing door-to-door with suitable ID and credentials.

Buy and sell secondhand fantasy role-playing games.
There are thousands of these type of games available now. By placing an advert in suitable publications, you could find a number of sources from where you can obtain used games. Sellers will often have a collection of games that they may wish to sell. These can then either be resold or rented out through means of an organised club. Profits would be made through mail order sales, or an annual subscription to the club and it`s newsletter.

Learn to become a landscape gardener.
Anyone with a good knowledge of plants, lawn care and a flair for creating an attractively laid out garden might consider this as an ideal business to operate part-time, or even full-time, if so inclined. Once your knowledge is sufficient, start your business by advertising in the local and regional press. An assortment of tools will be required, plus transport, plus any artistic materials you need to promote your designs, or to get your clients ideas down on to paper. More detailed planning can be done carried out at home if necessary.

Run an accommodation address service.
If you live in a large city you could charge individuals and businesses for the use of your address as a mailing address. This is useful to small mail order businesses who require a more prestigious address appearing in their advertising. Your involvement in this type of business simply involves you re-mailing letters back to the clients own address, For this you would charge a monthly fee and any postal costs incurred.

Start a sign writing service for business vehicles and shops.
If have a good steady hand and an eye for detail, this type of business might interest you. You do need to be fairly artistic though, and a knowledge of various type styles is almost essential. This can be learned through practice, however, and studying reference material on the subject. If you`re keen to give it a try, start by practicing on painted hardboard sheets, using methods outlined in books obtained from your local library or bookstore. When confident, take on a few small jobs to begin with, then advertise in the Yellow Pages.

Buy and sell bankrupt stock or job lots of ex-catalogue goods.
Frequently, companies go bust leaving unused remaining stock left to be disposed of. Auction houses are often used as a means of selling off this stock. If you`re a factory worker, party plan agent or a natural salesperson, selling job lots of liquidated or ex-catalogue stock can provide a way to deal in good quality goods at very low prices, and still make a very good profit. Check for lists of auction houses and scour the trade magazines such as `The Trader` for suppliers of ex-catalogue goods.

Start and run a mobile entertainment service for children.
Parents who need to keep their children occupied during out-of-school hours and school holidays, or when they are sick, should find this service useful. Music cd`s, videos, computer games, and even young childrens’ toys are all suitable items for renting out to keep the kids amused. Build up a regular round through a childrens` club membership scheme, and charge a weekly fee when items are hired for the week. Advertise your service with leaflets and door-to-door canvassing.

Set up a driving school teaching advanced driving techniques.
If you`re a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, or perhaps even a qualified Approved Driving Instructor, you should consider the possibility of starting a business that runs advanced driving courses to help inexperienced drivers, or those who wish to improve their driving skills. These courses might, for example, include techniques for coping with skidding, driving in adverse conditions, learning to read the road and recognise potential hazards sooner, and even dealing with road rage situations. You don`t need any particular qualifications to teach drivers who have already past their test, but it does look good on your letterheads. If you`re not already a member, join the IAM and take the Advanced Motoring test to sharpen your skills and teaching abilities.

Start a mobile laundry service.
This would involve building up a regular round of customers who would require their laundry to be collected, cleaned and delivered, preferably the same day. A useful service for busy people, who don`t have the time to do this chore themselves, and also the elderly or disabled who need a helping hand.

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