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Supply and fit fascia and soffit boards.
This is a business similar to the one previously described, except you`re not repairing roofs, you`ll be enhancing there appearance by fitting new, more up-to-date materials. The latest products are more durable and easier to maintain than the old wood fascia boards. Materials can often be supplied direct from the manufacturers. All you need to do is learn how to measure and fit them, and hey presto! you`re in business.

Open a shop selling computers and software.
If you`re a whizz with computers and can build them to a customer`s own specifications, you have the makings of a good business. Your stock should include ready built systems with prices to suit, plus peripherals such as printers and scanners, that can be added to the system. Items for upgrading should also be available to the customer, such as graphics cards, sound cards, cd rom and dvd devices, modems, motherboards, processers and extra ram, for which you can offer a fitting service, or sell to the customer for themselves to fit. A range of software will also be a worthwhile addition along with supplies of cables, blank floppy disks and disks for cd writers. To boost sales even further, consider including a regular stall at various computer fairs that operate in your area.

Fitting double glazing can be a hugely profitable business when run efficiently.
Experience of fitting pvc windows and doors is obviously a distinct advantage, though a well qualified handyman could soon learn the methods involved. Someone who is good at selling could also set up their own double-glazing firm and employ experienced fitters to do the nitty gritty work. Accurate measuring, a knowledge of materials available, and the ability to close a sale, is just as important to the success of the business as the fitting side. There are numerous firms who manufacture there own double glazing units, as well as fitting the windows themselves, and many of them supply individual fitters at trade prices.

Start a mobile karaoke business.
Like mobile discos, the karaoke machine has found popularity as a means of spicing up private parties and regular weekly pub night entertainment. With a mobile karaoke machine plus a good selection of music, there should be no shortage of bookings if you have the energy and determination to make this business work. It`s not only profitable, it`s great fun too. For suppliers of professional karaoke equipment, check the home and leisure section of the Exchange & Mart magazine or do a search on Google. Advertise your services through the local press and Yellow Pages.

Buy and sell microscopes, telescopes and binoculars.
Here is a specialised opportunity to start a small business in a market with relatively little competition. Buying and selling optical equipment of various types through classified advertising. First study the market and what kind of equipment is currently available, as well as researching the value of older equipment through old magazines and other sellers. Advertise in ebay and the wanted columns of free ad papers, and re-sell through the same, as well as specialist magazines related to the item you`re selling. Another option is to set up a website on the internet dealing in used optical equipment.

Buy and sell washing machines.
Here is a business that is best run by someone with good mechanical and electrical knowledge of how washing machines work. If you`re experienced in this area you could also run a call out and repair service. Start by buying through classified ads to find the best deals and re-sell for a reasonable profit. When established, consider opening a small shop.

Start a tree and shrub pruning service.
Many people with shrubs and trees in their garden don`t have sufficient knowledge of how or when to cut them back to keep them in tip top condition. This knowledge is easily obtained however, through study and research of the appropriate books in your local library. With the right tools a determined person can quickly build up a round of regular customers for whom they can offer this service.

Buy and sell, or hire out, good quality tents and camping equipment.
There`s lots of people who have bought tents and only used them once or twice. Thinking they might use it again sometime, they store the tent away. Eventually they realise they will probably never use it again. Like many things, tents and camping equipment are often just bought on a whim. By taking advantage of this fact, you can often pick up some real good bargains and resell or hire them out for profit. Advertise in the classified wanted ads so you can pick and choose the best from what you see. Buy at the end of the summer months to get the best deals. Ideally, a small shop or unit would be used to set up the business. To start with though, you could work from home using a large garage for storage.

Are you good with figures? Train to become a book-keeper.
There are lots of small businesses who need the services of a good book-keeper. Chartered accountants charge a steep hourly fee for their book-keeping services. Which means you will have no trouble finding work, if your rates are more reasonable. After training, you should be able to keep simple records, balance the books and fill in tax returns for any small business. Check your local further education centres, advertises of correspondence courses and information on the internet for courses available in book-keeping.

Start a business which designs and makes lucky charm key rings and bracelets.
These could include items such as a lucky horseshoe, rabbit`s foot, or four-leaf clover made in a plastic, silver, gold or enameled design. The best ideas can be sold through gift and souvenir shops. Another possibility is to produce personalised key rings or bracelets with peoples names on them.

Sell music Cd`s, Dvd’s and Blu-ray disks from a market stall.
New and used products can be sold together. For used items, advertise in the wanted section of local newspapers, and national magazines. Offer the best going rate for good quality merchandise. Add approximately thirty percent profit on goods resold. You could also sell by mail order once a large stock has been built up.

Start a walking menu board service.
Not as popular as it used to be, but still a useful service. Ideal for students who need a bit of pocket money. If you make the right contacts through canvassing and supply the advertising boards, you could pay other students to work for you, while you take some commission for yourself. A dozen small contracts should make it worthwhile.

Start a business organising city tours by bus, or coach excursions to historical sites of interest.
An open top double decker bus would be ideal for city tours, or a single decker for out-of-town trips. Arrangements could be made to hire these vehicles if purchase is out of the question. Advertise the tours in busy tourist areas and through tourist information centres.

Specialise in selling sports trainers.
Buy from wholesale sources and sell from home. Alternatively, sell by party plan or set up a market stall. Sell locally at below shop prices and build up your sales through word of mouth. You could also sell via ebay and mail order.

Start a sandwich round catering for local businesses.
Many businesses, particularly firms which are situated out of town and on industrial estates, often don`t have the luxury of a works canteen, or even have the good fortune of having a local shop nearby. This would serve as a good opportunity to set up a mobile sandhich delivery service providing an assortment of different kinds of sandwiches and drinks. You will of course need to comply with certain food hygiene laws and provide a way for customers to order and receive their orders within a reasonable time. For instance, orders placed before 10 a.m. will be received by 12 noon. To get started, canvas firms that aren`t already being catered for, leaving a suitably impressive menu and price list. Gradually, as your business builds up, take on extra staff to meet demand.

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