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Become an internet researcher
If you’re surfing the Web daily why not get paid for it? An internet researcher can get paid an hourly rate for doing research online for companies who require specialised information. By specialising in certain types of data and information the service you can provide would be a good way to get started. All you need is a desktop computer or laptop and a high-speed internet connection and the skills and know how on how to do the research required. If you have experience of this then you can turn it into a worthwhile extra income.

Become a dog training specialist
Lots of people have problems with controlling their dogs, and many dogs have behavioural problems. Dog obedience training or someone who specialises in correcting the problems that some dogs have obviously requires a good knowledge of dog behaviour. If you have the experience and a good knowledge of dealing with dogs then this could easily be turned into a business opportunity. Your service can either involve training the dogs yourself, or teach dog owners how to train their dogs themselves. You may be able to learn or expand your knowledge of the principles and practises of dog training through specialised courses, books or videos.

Set up a bouncy castle hire business.
With a reasonable investment you could set up this fun business that is relatively easy to run and very popular with children, especially in the summer. You will need a large van as well as essential insurance that covers you for public liability. Advertise in the local press and Yellow Pages.

Provide a graphic design service
With an artistic talent and a flair for design, as a graphic designer you can provide business clients with a service for designing leaflets, logos, menus, brochures, business cards, business stationery, and various other related artwork often required in business. Product packaging and designs for advertisements to go into publications or website banner advertising, are another two possibilities where business owners require these type of specialist services. Get some business cards printed and advertise in as well as other online places. Having your own website and facebook page will also be useful for showcasing your portflio.

Open a stall in a shopping centre selling mobile phone cases
Almost everyone seems to have a mobile phone these days and people often like to change the cases and covers of their phones, whether as a fashion statement or simply because they need a new case. Other similar items are also popular, such as cases and protective covers for e-readers, personal organisers, ipods etc. These items usually sell well all year round, so they are always in demand. Selling them in shopping centres means there is a large passing trade, but they can also be sold at flea markets and car boot sales. Profit margins can be good so it’s a great way to start a small business with limited funds

Provide a dog walking business
Here’s a business that that can be started with zero funds. If you love dogs it’s a great way to make a part-time, or even full time income, particularly if you’re fit, active and good at managing your time. Dog owners who are incapacited or work long hours often require someone who they can rely upon to give their dogs the exercise they need to stay healthy. To succeed at this business you would need a decent amount of regular clients and ideally you would need to be able to take more than one or two dogs walking at the same time to make it financially worth while. But being able to charge an acceptable rate that would provide you with a decent income will allow you to run a good little business, and it can even be scaled up by employing one or two helpers who are willing to be paid less than you charge the customers. It’s a business that can be run from home too. Or if you’re really ambitious, you could set up a dog boarding business for people who need someone they can trust to leave their dogs with when they go on holiday.

Start your own biscuit making firm
Homemade biscuits and confectionery can be produced from home with the right set up and a suitable license. They can be produced and sold to retail outlets “Bake and package them well, or through local gift shops and tourist outlets wher they can be promoted as a local speciality, especially when they are given a unique taste formulated by you.

Start your own Gourmet Foods business
A love of cooking can easily be turned into a part-time or full-time business by creating your own gourmet foods. Jams, jellies, buffet snacks, desserts etc which can be made in frome home in your kitchen. With careful organisation and suitable equipment you can streamline the process and provide a range of nice products that can be sold locally or even sold and distributed through an online store.

Become a language translator
Can you speak other languages beside English? If so, why not use that your skills and turn them into a business by offering your services to international businesses that need to communicate with overseas clients who need their communications translated, or to translate business literature for these companies.

Set up an Ugly modelling agency
This turns the usual model agency on it’s head and provides a specialised service whereby you become agents for unusual or dare I say ‘Ugly’ looking people who don’t take offense and are happy to work as a model to be used in advertising. It’s actually a service that is often in demand. You can earn commissions from photoshoots or appearances at special events. People with unusual tattoos, piercings or just very unusual faces can make very good earnings from doing commercials or special appearances in TV shows.

Buy and sell lost luggage
There are a few Auction houses throughout the UK that routinely sell off lost luggage that the airlines have failed to match with their owners. One example is Greasby’s in South London which regularly sells off lost items at low rices. You can’t be sure what the contents are and the luggage has usually had the expensive stuff such as cameras, ipads and mobile phones removed. But often they contain good quality items of clothing that can be sold on ebay or car boot sales. Bags are generally sold for between £5-£50 and your profits will depend on what the total is of the items you sell individually. You can also sell the luggage too!

Start your own ‘Life Coaching’ business
Life coaching is growing in popularity and someone who specialises as a life coach is capable of drawing upon a variety of techniques to empower others to make, meet and exceed their personal and professional goals. If you are a compassionate listener and love to help other people, then life coaching could be the ideal business for you. There are life coaching courses available n the UK and plenty of information online that can help you if this is something that may interest you. Experienced life coaches may have degrees in psychological counseling, hypnosis, dream analysis, marketing, neuro linguistic programming, and other areas relevant to providing guidance. For more information visit

Stove Installation Specialist
There are two main types of “solid fuel appliance” one is a wood burner and the other a multi fuel burner. The regulations governing their installation are the same but people generally need to know which of these two they really want. As an advisor you can help them decide and provide an installation service with the right qualifications. For more details check HETAS (Heating Equipment Testing & Approval Scheme) they are the registered body specifically for businesses and engineers involved in the installation and maintenance of solid fuel appliances.

Start a ‘Personal Chef’ service
Not everyone has the time or ability to cook their own meals. A personal chef service can provide a useful service for people who don’t have a lot of time available and could use a helping hand to provide their family with good nutritious meals at specific times of the day. Being flexible in this business will help you retain regular customers as long as you can provide the service at an affordable and competitive rate. Don’t just think of dinners or working with only one family. By carefully arranging your timetable to fit additional clients in you could offer a week’s worth of healthy lunches or quick breakfasts to each customer and be on call for regular family meals, and also special family or holiday events. Providing gluten free, low calorie or vegetarian meals will also make it possible for you to cater for people who require solutions to their specific needs. A regular paid for service could easily develop into long term customers that will provide you with a secure well paid business.

Become a ‘Social Media Consultant’
With the growth of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, there are many businesses who require a specialist consultant who can deal with their social media requirements. If you love to use social media on a casual basis, why not do this as a paid for consultant. If you can help a selected group of businesses grow their own following, and keep interested parties up to date with news and events, then this may be the business for you.

Website Content Writer
Content marketing is in popular demand for people who require good content for their blogs or website. Helping website owners and companies who need quality articles and blog posts can be a good way to make an extra income if your writing skills are good. The more content you can churn out, the more you can make. You just need to find the right contacts by emailing website owners and placing your services on suitable websites. See for more helpful advice.

Greenhouse sales and erection
Selling and installing greenhouses can be a good way to make a decent income. The work tends to be seasonal but who wants to work outside in the Winter anyway? It’s a good part time business for the Summer months so it would be a good idea to operate a complimentary business where you can work inside during the Winter months. e.g. Buy and sell patio heaters online via ebay.

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