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Become a supplier and distributor of plumbing accessories to the trade.
As a wholesaler, you can buy direct from the manufacturers and obtain better discounts when buying in bulk. These discounts will increase your profit margins when supplying to trade customers. Sending sales letters and leaflets to prospective clients in the area you want to serve will get your business known. Providing a printed catalogue or a digital catalogue which can be downloaded from a website will be a good way to let customers see the full range of what you can offer.

Set up your own practice as a health consultant.
Courses in reflexology, osteopathy, iridology, homeopathy etc. can be found on the internet. Once training has been completed and suitable qualifications have been achieved, you could set up on your own, or gain experience first with an established practice.

Take a course in hypnotherapy.
If successful, set up a personal service helping people overcome their bad habits and phobias. In many cases, hypnosis has helped rid people of their bad habits, such as smoking or biting their fingernails. It`s also been useful in overcoming personal fears, such as fear of spiders, fear of open spaces and fear of heights etc. Being able to help people with these problems can be a very satisfying and lucrative profession. If this sounds like something you would like to do, check the internet for courses available.

Start and run a personal home help service.
Busy people, elderly and disabled people often require help in their home to do the cleaning, washing, cooking, ironing and general household chores, which they either don`t have time to do themselves, or can`t because of their incapacity. Advertise your services in the local press.

Produce and sell a range of personalised embroided handkerchiefs.
Package and sell ready-made designs through menswear shops, as well as offering a custom-made service for their customers.

Start a local movie rental service specialising in the top 10 new Dvd/Blu-rays on release.
Run the business as a mobile delivery service. Set up a limited club membership with an annual subscription for video renters who will be willing to hire them on a regular basis at a special reduced rate. Dealing in the best of the new releases should guarantee a steady stream of customers. Obtain at least ten copies of the most popular movies to ensure customers have the best chance to get the title they want. Sell the Dvd’s/Blu-ray disks off at half-price as soon as their popularity begins to wane.

Start a business organising and promoting music concerts.
Someone with a flair for organising people would find this a very exciting business. Whether it`s rock, pop or classical music, there are thousands of people in every major town and city who would show an interest in these type of events. How many tickets you sell will depend on how popular the performers are, how much you charge for the show, and how successful your publicity is. Get the mix right, and you could easily find a rewarding and lucrative career ahead.

Sell knitwear for children, either from a market stall or a small shop in a busy location.
You can buy supplies in, but also consider using local people to work for you, producing knitwear at home on a pay per item basis. Standards should be high, so only use knitters who can produce work that`s good enough to sell.

Start a business selling computer components to the trade.
Import graphics cards, sound cards, floppy disk drives, DVD and Blu-ray writers, keyboards etc., direct from the manufacturers. Produce a trade catalogue and advertise your service in the appropriate publications.

Supply and install small timber constructions.
Specialise in one type of installation. Perhaps various types of garden sheds or timber-framed saunas. To get your business off the ground, try contacting one of the specialist firms who manufacture their own. Tell them you would like to act as an agent and become an approved installer. Alternatively, you could run the business as a general construction firm that supplies and installs a variety of timber products such as summer houses, chalets, garden sheds, saunas or timber-framed conservatories. Provide your own labour or employ other people to do it for you. For the biggest profits run it as a high quality service providing top quality products, and target up-market homes with customers who can afford the very best.

Import and sell products from the far east.
A whole range of goods are available from exporters who can supply you with a huge range of electrical and fancy goods at amazingly low prices. Sell them to trade customers or through your own mail order catalogue.

Supply and fit high quality spiral staircases.
As with home saunas and summer houses, these are products which can be squarely aimed at wealthy homeowners looking to add unusual features to their home. You could also provide cheaper alternatives for people carrying out loft conversions. These can be either straight or spiral staircases, but available at lower prices. Contact manufacturers for details of trade prices and terms of supply. Use only experienced fitters for carrying out the work to guarantee a first class job. For getting the orders and overseeing the work, incorporate your own profits in with the final price.

Buy and sell army surplus supplies.
Start your own mail order business, sell at car boot fairs or open a small shop. A number of dealers can supply at trade prices. Check the ads in Exchange & Mart and send for their catalogues and price list.

Become a freelance sales agent. 
There`s a lot of companies who are willing to use freelance sales agents, particularly if they only pay you a commission when you make a sale. If you have a gift for selling, you should consider working for three or four different companies, providing they don`t have any rules or objections against you representing other firms. As a freelance agent this may not be a problem providing there are no conflicts of interest. Representing different companies who offer the same type of goods or services will not be acceptable. Start by writing a letter to various firms who might consider your services. Many MLM (multi-level marketing) firms will be agreeable. Also contact companies selling mobile phones, computers, insurances and mortgages.

Start your own gumball or vending machine round.
A number of companies offer this type of business opportunity, whereby you purchase their machines and products, find suitable locations, and regularly service the machines to keep them filled up. There`s very little else involved, apart from counting your profits. Check the pages of business opportunity mags for firms who supply these products. Before entering any type of agreement however, always check the details and fine print.

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