Why some Entrepreneurs succeed when others don’t

An article that appeared in The Huffington Post entitled ‘How Entrepreneurs set themselves apart’ describes how entrepreneurial people do things differently which has a great bearing on their success.

Briefly here are the eight things that were outlined as being the most important characteristics.

1. They’re brave enough to commit to their dreams
2. They think of their customers more than themselves
3. They never stop learning
4. They never give up
5. They love failing
6. They find and fill a need of the world
7. They take old ideas and make them way, way better
8. Above all, they action

One of the main things that separates successful people from thos who simply try to achieve their goals is that entrepreneurs do not fear failure, it is something to embrace whereas for many of us, the fear of failure is can be paralyzing, to the point where we would simply give up trying. Henry Ford once said… “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”

So never give up on your dreams and view each setback as a learning experience.

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