eCommerce business ideas

7 eCommerce Business Ideas

Start a website that caters for people requiring rented accommodation.
There`s thousands of people at any one time seeking a place to rent, including students and people working away from home. In most cases these people will have access to the internet, either at college, university, or at home. A site that lists places of temporary accommodation would be very useful in helping people in these categories to find a place to stay. Charge a small advertising fee to landlords to make the site pay.

Produce a website for selling books in a specific niche.
For example, you could deal in books of a certain category such as sci-fi and fantasy, history of the world war, photography, art, the history of the movies etc. You can also sell your stock through highly trafficked sites such as ebay and the Amazon marketplace to get started and provide a follow up mail order service for new and established customers, providing an updated catalogue by email on a pdf and sent by email and made available as a download from your website.

Design a website that sells or tracks down spare parts for cars.
There is always a huge demand for motor parts and accessories. A site designed to find parts quickly for enquirers should prove immensely popular. A good knowledge of car parts and prices is a major requirement. One option is to specialise in a particular type of make. This narrows the field, but targets a particular range of customers which can sometimes prove more effective.

Build your own website selling seeds and bulbs
These are items which are widely available through gardening centres, but they also make an ideal mail order product because of their durability, ease of supply and low postal costs. And because not everyone lives close to a gardening centre, a mail order service dealing in these products makes it possible for people living in remote areas to obtain them quickly and conveniently by post.

Design a website that specialises in advertising used photographic equipment.
A number of auctions have this facility but a dedicated site for photographers would be more attractive and useful for this purpose. Various articles, links with sites of photographic interest, news of new equipment, and information updates relating to photography, could become a popular source of reference to amateur and professional photographers alike.

Create a website selling toys and games
These could be board games or toys that are from the UK, but also you could import toys and games from abroad which may be hard to find in the UK. This would give your store a unique selling point that sets you apart from many of the UK based websites already out there.

Design a website that specialises in supplying model parts.
For example, you could specialise in supplying parts, tools and accessories for model boat builders, as well as complete kits. Or perhaps a stock of items that cater for remote control racing car or aeroplane enthusiasts. Whichever area you deal in, compile an online catalogue of products as well as a printed catalogue and price list. Once established, you might also try advertising your catalogue and website in suitable modelling magazines.