Computer related business ideas

16 Computer business Startup Ideas

Sell computer upgrades and peripherals.
There are hundreds of computer fairs operating throughout the country each month. Thousands of visitors attend these fairs regularly to buy computer products, and save some money at the same time. If you have a good knowledge of computers and what goes into them, you might consider the possibility of starting and running your own stall at a few of these fairs on a regular basis. If you`ve never been to one, then don`t miss out. Visit a computer fair as soon as possible to see how things are run.

Set up your own web hosting service
Not as difficult as it sounds. If you can design websites this is an ideal way to make extra income. With a reseller account and a reputable web hosting company behind you there will be ample opportunity to make a good income on a regular basis. You don’t necessarily need to have any experience in web design, but it’s an excellent way to provide an additional income to your service if you do. To learn more about setting up your own web hosting service using a reseller account then use Google to find companies who provide this option.

Got a website? Earn from affiliate marketing.
Join an affiliate program to promote the products and services of established merchants on your website. You do this by adding their advertising banners and text links to your site. A personal recommendation usually works the best. You can earn commissions ranging from 3% up to a massive 50% depending on which affiliate scheme you join. Learn more about affiliate marketing.

Design and produce a website for advertising homes in your region.
Charge a standard flat fee to private advertisers, which could be for a set period, or canvas estate agents to offer your advertising services for a specified number of their properties. As part of the service you could offer to take interior and exterior photographs of the homes being advertised.

Use your computer and printer to make artistic prints.
Modern colour inkjet printers and laser printers are capable of producing excellent quality prints these days, good enough to sell if the subject is interesting enough. These prints can then be framed and sold to friends and relations, or from an arts and craft stall, or even a market stall. You can produce your own designs or purchase from other companies which sell a range of designs on CD-Rom. However, be careful that permission is granted to reproduce and sell the designs that you buy.

Learn computer programming.
There`s a huge demand for people with good programming skills. Particularly those with knowledge of Perl, C, Java, Javascript and Html. Courses are widely available, and finding a job in this field shouldn`t be a problem for candidates who successfully qualify. With qualifications and experience you can also train others and advertise your on computer training courses.

Buy and sell internet domain names.
As you might already know, domain names are becoming more affordable and in some cases a valuable commodity in which to trade and sell. However, it is generally known that most of the best names have already been taken, but many more are still available and quite a large number which have already been registered, come back into the public domain, as previous owners fail to re-register them. The internet is obviously the ideal place in which to trade. Most domain names up for sale are available through online auctions. Check out Ebay and Qxl. To find out what names are still available go to You can also register a name through these sites.

Produce and sell a correspondence course in basic computer skills.
There are a number of people who, for one reason or another, prefer to learn this way. It could be that they are housebound or live too far away from a suitable training facility. A well produced correspondence course would help them solve these problems. Advertise the course in computer magazines and general publications that have a classified advertising section.

Buy and sell computer books by mail order.
There are thousands of books available that deal with a whole range of computer subjects. Whether it`s a reference manual for a particular piece of software, a guide to computer programming, a book dealing with web design, as well as a wide range of other computer-related subjects, there`s something for everything. But many of these books are often discarded or put to one side, once the contents are read and no longer needed. You could buy and sell these books through classified advertising. Or even set up your own stall at a market or computer fair.

Open a training centre that offers courses in computing.
This might include courses in basic computing, programming and specific software-related tuition. For example, training in the use of Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, WordPress etc. When established, arrange to offer a recognised certificate of qualification for some of the courses where possible. Advertise in computer magazines.

Design a range of personal greetings cards.
Each design can be adapted to use the name of the buyer. Using a PC and a good quality printer, a variety of designs could be used based around popular themes. See also the design and print section for more ideas.

Buy and sell used computers.
There are many companies who often need to replace their computer systems with new and more powerful models. The old ones, which in reality, may only be one or two years old, are then sold off at low prices. By contacting various firms and educational establishments, and letting them know that you buy unwanted computers in lots of five or more, you can often pick them up at bargain prices. They can then be cleaned up and sold for a profit. Liquidated stock and computer auctions are also a source of cheap computers. If possible, test each one before buying to make sure they`re working correctly, and re-sell through classified ads.

Build and sell computers for profit.
Although computers are becoming more affordable with very competitive pricing among the major dealers, there is still room for the `custom-made` specialist who can build (and repair) computers for a reasonable fee and a reasonable profit. Discounts for parts when buying in quantities of 10 or more will allow you to incorporate a higher profit margin, but also ensure that all parts come with a full 12 months warranty that you can pass on to your customers.

Teach people how to build their own computer.
If building and selling computers doesn`t appeal to you, but you have the knowledge and patience to teach others, why not start your own evening class? There are many people who would love to have a go at building their own, but don`t have the confidence to do it. Personal instruction is much better than trying to follow a magazine article, or read instructions from a book.

Set up an activity holiday centre for retired people who want to learn basic computing skills.
Lots of older people with time on their hands are beginning to realise that computers are not just for the youger generation. Many are considering buying their own, but would like to learn more about them before taking the plunge. A holiday activity centre for weekend or midweek courses in basic computing and an introduction to the internet is sure to attract some interest. If you already have premises in a nice location with suitable overnight accomodation, this would be ideal for combining courses with a mini-holiday to bring like minded people together in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Design a website that appeals to a large identifiable group of people.
One of the main aims of an ecommerce website is to try and achieve a high level of sales that wouldn`t ordinarily be achieved without huge expense. A shop on the internet has the potential to reach a worldwide audience, and is always open for business. However, any site that can attract a lot of visitors can also attract high advertising fees by helping promote other businesses. Your site doesn`t necessarily need to sell anything to make money on the internet. Providing your site is hugely popular, you have the chance to make it pay through affiliation.