Business startup ideas 2017

Best startup business ideas for 2017

The Telegraph has published an article entitled 'Seventeen of the best startup business ideas for 2017' which includes some interesting ideas that may appeal to someone looking to start up their own business in the near future. Some of these ideas include topics which are currently in vogue and increasing in popularity. As for sustaining long term value it's difficult to say, but nevertheless they might just be the ticket to an expanding business opportunity for those with enough foresight to see their future potential.

Some of these ideas include...

FLAVOURED TEA - which is expected to see a large percentage rise in in global sales over the next few years.

POLLUTION PROTECTION - In the UK and many other parts of the World, governments are seeking new ways to combat air pollution such as clean vehicles and pollution-reducing technologies.

ALTERNATIVE FITNESS - finding new ways to help keep people fit in their busy lifestyles. Pole dancing and aerial hoop fitness have proved popular with young people, but this area is wide open to new innovative ways to keep your mind and body in tip top condition.

MEN'S HAIRCARE - Beards and man buns are currently in style and products for the hairier men are selling well.

KIDULTHOOD - Adults looking to unleash their inner child ensure this niche will continue to grow in popularity. Playing in ball pits and bouncing on trampolines are two business ideas that have taken off in the UK

SUGAR FREE DRINKS - In Britain the sugar tax is soon to be implemented in 2018. Will this bring new opportunities for a variety of new sweet foods and beverages?

These are just a few suggestions made in the article. For more ideas and to read the full report click here

Weight loss coffee presents a great opportunity

Weight loss coffee business opportunity

The global value of the weight loss market is expected to reach £220 billion in the coming year. As one of the most targeted consumer industries, there is a huge range of weight loss solutions in the marketplace. One of them which is reportedly having great success is the weight loss coffee combination provided by Valentus.

For someone looking to increase their income this looks like a great opportunity to break into this crowded market, but with an interesting twist. There are countless numbers of coffee drinkers who are also overweight, and this could provide an affordable solution to help them lose weight.

As an extra income opportunity, with possible earnings of between £500 - £1000 + per week being claimed for part time work, and even more full time, this might just suit your needs if you're looking for a way to make extra money. Earnings are paid weekly promoting this unique weight loss coffee, and according to their representative, there is a full 90 day money back guarantee.

It has 100% natural Ingredients, tastes great, stimulates the brain and is made with luxury quality Italian dark coffee beans

So what you have here is basically three massive combined markets all in one. 1. Coffee consumers 2. Weight loss 3. A home based business

Sean, the representative I spoke to describes it as an opportunity for positive people who want to work from home, or on the go, promoting weight loss coffee in a massive lucrative market.

Full training is available if you're interested in this network marketing opportunity, so check out these video links below for more information about the products.
To sign up visit the website

Slim Roast Video - Healthy Coffees

As with any business your results may vary and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire to achieve high earnings.

Drones are providing new business opportunities

Yep, drones are in the news a lot these days, and they are inspiring young entrepreneurs to develop their own businesses in new and exciting ways.

Take Aonghus Stevens for example… he was just 15 when he got his business ‘off the ground’

The Sydney Morning Herald reports…

“Working from his bedroom and using his student email address, he began to sell drones. The operation grew into a million-dollar business.

The company operates a fleet of 30 drones nationally, gathering information for sectors including agriculture, mining and telecommunications. The drones help farmers count livestock, monitor crops and infrastructure, film prestige real estate and assess damaged buildings for insurers.

According to market research, the global drones market will be worth $US5.59 billion ($7.57 billion) by 2020. The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International estimates that, by 2025, the industry will be worth $US82 billion and employing 100,000 people worldwide.”

The opportunities that flying drones will bring in the future for fledgeling businesses is tremendous and it’s exciting to think how new technological advancements in this area will continue to grow.

Read full article here:

Start a business in 7 days

James Caan, the successful businessman who became well known through his appearances on the BBC program ‘Dragons Den’ saw over a thousand budding entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas which ranged from the bizarre to the revolutionary. James, who has spent more than 30 years starting and building businesses, has become recognised as one of the UK’s most prominent experts on entrepreneurship. In the video above he takes us through the journey of an entrepreneur, to follow the pathway to a achieve a successful business. He also discusses the importance of how to recognise when an idea is not a business, which potentially could save you from losing valuable time and money investing in a business idea that is highly unlikely to work.