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150 Business ideas

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Start a mobile snack bar.
Various types of food trailers are available, suitable for selling all kinds of edible goodies. Whether it`s hamburgers, beefburgers, chips, sandwiches or ice-cream, there`s plenty to choose from. A medium-size investment is required, particularly when buying new. But if you can purchase a used trailer in good condition, then you could probably save a fair bit of money. Check out the Exchange & Mart as one source of new and used trailers.. You will need to learn all the regulations related to hygiene, safety and the selling of food in public. But if you find a good location, this type of catering can be very profitable indeed.

Organise antique fairs.
An interest in antiques is desirable, but not essential. Hire a suitable hall and rent out stalls to sellers of antiques. Arrange to advertise the fair through local newspapers and posters. Place a large notice board outside the hall to catch peoples` attention and charge a small admission fee.

Open a shop on the Internet.
If you’re reading this then you’re probably aware of the huge amount of business that is conducted over the internet these days. All businesses no matter how big or small should consider having their own website to market and sell their products. Setting up shop on the internet is now easier than ever. Check out www.shopify.co.uk

Open a bed and breakfast house.
This is an ideal opportunity for people living in a popular tourist area. If you have two or three spare rooms or more then you`re halfway there. Visitors will require an efficient breakfast service, along with easy access to the bathroom, and a comfortable and clean bedroom. Preferably with extra facilities such as a tv, telephone and wash basin. Also provide tourist information literature for good measure. Advertise in various B&B guides, as well as placing a suitable sign outside, or in your front window.
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Design and bake unusual party cakes based upon the interests of the person whose party it is.
For example, cakes made up in the form of sports equipment, musical instruments, or modes of transport. Cakes of unusual design can also be used for special functions and events where food and drink is being served.

Buy a large van and offer your services as a roadie for new bands and dj’s.
There are always plenty of young people who are in the process of forming a band and just starting out on the road to hopeful success. Some of these bands are getting bookings and need reliable transport and help to carry their equipment to gigs. There are disk jockeys who would also find this service useful. If you`re interested in the entertainment business, this idea could be right up your street. Contact bands direct, or contact agents who deal with bands to inform them of your service. You might also consider advertising in selected music magazines.

Start a business that specialises in organising trips abroad for sports fans.
These excursions could, for instance, be to football matches, motor-racing events, tennis tournaments etc. Advertise your service through local newspapers.

Start a mailing service for direct mail advertisers.
This would involve combining a selection of leaflets or cards advertising various products and services that might appeal to the general public, or names from a specified mailing list. After placing the advertising material together in one professionally designed envelope, the mailing is sent to prospective customers. The fee for this service would be approximately half the cost incurred to advertisers preparing and sending out their own mailshot.

Start a business that removes graffiti.
Find out your nearest supplier of industrial cleaning materials and equipment. Advertise your service to local businesses, government bodies and community organisations.

Start your own picture framing business.
With practice and the right tools, professional results can be achieved quickly. To get started you`ll need a mitre cutter, a pin hammer, pliers, clamps, a mount cutter, a glass cutter, staple gun and a supply of mounting boards, picture mouldings, glass and hardboard for backing the pictures. Eventually you would need to invest in professional picture framing equipment for fast and accurate mitring and mount cutting. You can advertise your services in the local newspaper.

Start a business organising `Adventure Days Out`.
These could include exciting activities such as ballooning, rally driving, off-road driving, abseiling etc. Target business executive types with a direct mail brochure. Activities like these attract a fairly high fee due to their nature. Hire experts with suitable expertise and training ability where required.

Buy and sell used garden furniture that’s in good condition.
Items might include tables and chairs, picnic benches, garden seats, hammocks etc. Further items could be added later such as overlap fencing panels, garden sheds and if you`re handy at carpentry you could also stock self-made, wooden plant containers and window boxes.

Set up a cleaning service for businesses.
Companies with shops, offices, warehouses are all potential customers. The usual simple cleaning materials can be used along with industrial vacuum cleaners and floor polishers. Start small, but think big. Expand your business by employing others as more work comes in. It`s a competitive business, but there`s always room for another reliable and professional service who can deliver the goods at the right price.

Start a walking tour guide service.
Research the local history of popular historical tourist spots. Plan a historical tour around places of interest within reasonable walking distance. Inform the local tourist information centre, and leave leaflets for tourists to let them know where to find you. Three or four tours a day, reasonably priced, to guide around a dozen people or more, can be well worth the effort.

Train to be a website designer.
If you`re a computer buff with an eye for good design, the internet has opened up a huge opportunity for competent web designers to make a good living, designing websites for business. A good grasp of html, java and cgi scripting is essential. An understanding of ecommerce is also obligatory. Thankfully. the process of design, has been made easier by software packages such as Dreamweaver and free programs like WordPress and Joomla. If your skills need honing a little more, check the internet to see what training courses are available.


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