Agency business ideas

15 Ways to Start Your Own Agency Business

Set up an agency for new artists and illustrators.
Find work for them by arranging general exhibitions to promote their work and contacting suitable organisations and businesses who may consider using their talents. e.g. to illustrate promotional products, paint interior murals, etc. Also have a selection of prints made to sell through shops and online selling inexpensive art prints and original art.

Start a famous `lookalike` agency.
Advertise for people who look very similar to well known personalities. Anyone who has more than a passing resemblance to high profile movie stars, tv stars, pop singers or even politicians should be considered and added to your books. Lookalike stars can be hired out for special functions, private parties, advertising, promotions, grand openings, and even films. As their agent you will need to work hard to find them jobs, but a reasonable commission should give you the incentive.

Start your own agency for entertainers.
Up and coming pop groups, singers, comedians, magicians and various other speciality acts could all benefit from your services. You must be well organised and have a good knowledge of clubs and other venues. as well as an eye for talent. Visit the clubs regularly, talk to acts which you would like to represent, make an appointment with them to discuss business arrangements, and leave them your business card.

Become an agent for promoting local events.
For example, travelling theatres, circuses, stunt shows, music events etc. Organising local advertising in newspapers, posters in shops as well as ticket sales. Charge fees on a commission basis.

Start an employment agency.
Keep updated records of a whole range of companies who can contact you when they need to find new staff. Also keep records and cv`s of anyone who is seeking work in a particular type of job. When you have a match between job vacancy and jobseeker, contact both parties to make suitable interview arrangements. Computerised records will streamline the whole process. Charge a suitable fee to employers for your service or apply for government funding.

Become an agent for actors and actresses.
An intimate knowledge of film and theatre production companies is a pre-requisite of this kind of business opportunity. It`s not the easiest vocation to break into, but those with determination and a flair for dealing with people, could find this business immensely enjoyable. Getting a foot in the door won`t be easy. Try to gain experience first with an established agency. Learn the ropes then branch out on your own.

Start your own dating agency.
Use your computer to store details of clients` interests, personal qualities, likes and dislikes plus a recent photograph. Arrange by phone/email for compatible members to meet. Charge an annual membership fee or service fee for each arranged date.

Start up a business that organises holiday home swaps.
This involves holidaymakers in the UK and abroad, who wish to save money by agreeing to exchange homes for a set period. As an agency, your role is to help others find the right type of home and location that suits both parties. You will need to keep detailed records and be able to arrange times and dates that are mutually agreeable. For this service you will charge a set fee to anyone on your books for whom you successfully arrange an exchange. Here is a business that can best be started and run using the internet for advertising and email for efficient business correspondence.

Establish an agency for talented photographers.
Sell their work on commission on the internet, or directly to publishing houses who require stock photographs. Specialising in niche subjects, for example, fashion modelling, motor car racing, trains, motorbikes, fishing, travel, etc., would be the easiest way to get started.

Become an agent for sports personalities.
Certain types of sports people often need an agent to arrange publicity events for their clients, as well as matches and inclusion in tournaments. As with the film and theatre business, an in-depth knowledge of how the business works, as well as useful contacts, is desirable, if not essential. Start by looking out for new talent that could benefit from your experience and knowledge. Retain a list of useful contacts. In particular, good trainers who can help develop your clients skills to a high professional level.

Become an agent for a loan company.
Excellent commissions can be made from helping people arrange loans and mortgages. Your main task will be taking phone enquiries, gathering information and filling in application forms. To get started you will need to contact a loan firm that uses independent agents. You will also need to pay for a licence to operate as an agent. Once established, advertise in your local and regional newspapers.

Set up a secretarial services agency.
Hire out qualified secretaries on a temporary basis as well as offering a typing service. This could include specialised letters such as legal documents, debt collection letters etc., for which there are ready-made templates available. Plus, a service for preparing correctly formatted manuscripts for authors, typesetting services for direct mail letters and other publicity material, and any number of other general activities that a secretary or typist is called on to do. Advertise your services to local businesses through direct mail and Yellow Pages.

Start up a Kissogram/Tarzanagram/Strippergram service.
Employ suitable part-time candidates and advertise your service through local newspapers. Make suitable arrangements for interested clients.

Become an agent for one of the major catalogue firms such as Grattans or Kays.
If you have lots of friends, work colleagues and relations, it`s an easy way to make extra money. All you need to do is show people the catalogue and take orders for anything they would like to buy. Commissions are usually around ten percent. Not a lot, but it soon adds up if you can build a good customer base with regular orders. Apply by post to whichever company you want to be an agent for. Catalogue firms generally advertise in womens` magazines and through widespread leaflet distribution.

Start your own escort agency.
It`s not as seedy as it sounds. Some people are quite willing to pay for a friendly or attractive partner to accompany them to a special event, or simply for the company during a pleasant evening out. It will not be part of the agent`s service to provide escorts for any other reason. A specified fee will be paid by the client, from which a percentage will be paid to the escort. Attractive people with a friendly personality should be taken on, and be able to be available when requested at short notice. Advertise your service in the personal ad columns of selected magazines.